G7 Industrial maintenance

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Maintenance industrielle

G7 Industrial Maintenance installs the industrial components designed by Groupe G7 divisions and completes maintenance work on your facilities so that they always meet the most stringent of safety and dependability standards.

Day and night, our maintenance staff, certified by CWB , goes into the field to provide you with highly specialized support. Thanks to our knowledge of the region, we help you to overcome technical, environmental and weather-related obstacles that are specific to the North Shore.


  • Maintenance of heavy machinery:
    • Grinders,
    • Conveyors,
    • Mineral extraction equipment;
  • Monitored contract work;
  • Upgrading work;
  • Intervention during the interruption of factory activities;
  • Installation and replacement of industrial equipment and its components.

Past Projects

Réfection de chutes à minerai
Repair of ore chutes
G7 Maintenance industrielle