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The G7 Construction general contractor has at its disposal the best technological and human resources for the creation of commercial, industrial and institutional infrastructures. We are proud that our remarkable sense of innovation has shaped the urban landscape of the North Shore.

With G7 Construction as a partner, your needs are met: we have unshakable pride in our expertise.

No matter the complexity of your real estate project, we have the necessary skills, we are available and we are proud to make it a reality.


  • Design and engineering;
  • Excavation work;
  • Formwork;
  • Construction of structural slabs;
  • Rehabilitation work;
  • Construction of hydroelectric complexes;
  • Construction of water treatment plants.

Past Projects

Fabrication of towers which support counterweights
G7 Fabrication
Fabrication d’une trémie en acier inoxydable
Manufacturing of a stainless steel hopper
G7 Fabrication